Discontinued Live Scanner Audio

By Siouxland Scanner Updated on Sunday, August 21 2016 12:26pm

Siouxland Scanner no longer broadcasts live scanner audio. We still monitor the scanner and post relative community crime and safety information to our Facebook Page and Website. We have however chosen to not broadcast live audio.

This is for many reasons. We do believe the community should have access to law enforcement audio, however, it used to be you had to buy and program a scanner to listen. Now anyone with a smartphone or a computer can monitor, this makes it way to easy for criminals and we don't want to contribute to that

If you have questions about something that happened you can contact us and we'll gladly research it for you.

If you have interest in purchasing a scanner so you can listen, feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. You should know, by the end of 2016 Sioux City Police plan to encrypt all their radio traffic, no scanner can receive that audio. Woodbury County Sheriff will also be encrypting all their radio traffic in the near future as well.

If you are thinking of setting up your own scanner audio stream, you should understand that one of the main reasons Sioux City Police and Woodbury County Sheriff are going the encrypted route is because of live scanner streams. If you stream scanner audio from Siouxland you are only encouraging other departments to encrypt their traffic as well.