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Massive Sinkhole Sutherland Park 3700 Block of Jennings

By matt@siouxlandscanner.com Updated on Wednesday, March 08 2017 11:56am

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We were notified of a massive sinkhole at Sutherland Park near the 3700 Block of Jennings in Sioux City so we went to check it out.

We're told this is the 3rd time in recent years this hole has opened up, this last time about 3 weeks ago.

This sinkhole is about a half a mile from the most recent sinkhole at 30th and Pierce Streets where sinkholes have plagued at least one resident for years, enough so she has moved out of her home. facebook.com/siouxlandscanner/.... Just a few blocks down the road from that one was another a month earlier. siouxlandscanner.com/sh...

The sinkhole here is massive, it's more than 20 feet deep and 20 feet wide. What's more frightening is the lack of effort by the city to secure the hole. You can see from our video the snow fence which is falling down doesn't prevent access to the hole.

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