Maroon Dodge Neon Stolen from Sioux City Northside Garage

By Randy Schoener Updated on Friday, February 26 2016 08:16am

Photo By Randy Schoener

From a reader on our page.  


This car has been found.  
It was parked behind Nippers Bar next to a garage. They took the battery and a few things in the car like his sunglasses, jumper cables, an air pump, snow scraper and then his registration/ins info. He had a $13.40 slot machine voucher from the Hard Rock and I told him to let Hard Rock know in case they take it in to try to cash it with his registration as ID. A guy walking along spotted it and he had your Scanner page up on his phone. He called my brother at 3am, so he called 911 & met the police there. The police really questioned the guy. But now he's $500 richer. Thanks for all your help!  


My brother is now offering a $500 reward to recover his car.  His phone number is (712)255-9745.  Thanks!

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My brother's car was stolen out of his garage in the alley off of 19th St between Grandview & Douglas in Sioux City IA sometime between last night and when he came out around 2 pm today to run some errands.  It's a maroon 2001 Dodge neon.  This pic isn't his actual car but looks just like it.  Woodbury plates 893 ZYB.  The police took the report.  I think it may have had an Explorer's baseball sticker on the backside.  Thanks for any help!

Police Log Entry