Police action on the 300 Block of West 19th in South Sioux City

By Randy Schoener on

At about 11:50 AM Friday, somebody reported a van left running unattended in the parking area by their house that was blocking their vehicle in.

When officers responded, scanner traffic indicated the van was stolen from the 400 block of West 26th Street in South Sioux yesterday. Scanner traffic also indicated the owner of the stolen van said tools and other things were missing from the van, and there was a mention of paperwork and other things scattered out a couple of blocks away.

While investigating the stolen van, officers discovered a stolen Trail Blazer in the same area that had stolen plates on it and stolen plates inside it. An officer stated parts appeared to have been swapped off of the stolen Trailblazer with a second Trailblazer (same make and model) which was also in the same area.

There was also mention of other evidence found in the yard of the house where the vehicles were found.

A little after 4:00 PM police stated they obtained consent to search the house and spent some time going through it reading off serial numbers for some electronics items, but none was confirmed stolen, and there was no mention of other items found in the house

If you have any information regarding this matter, Please contact the South Sioux City Police Department. Non-Emergency (402) 494-7555