Tell your story the community is listening

By Siouxland Scanner Updated on Wednesday, May 24 2017 01:45pm

Let us be your voice! Are you a victim of a crime? Do you want to let the community know about criminal activity in your neighborhood? Would you like help to get a person identified in a photo or video? We want to help. Send us a message with information about a crime that has been reported to law enforcement to see if we can help tell your story. You can remain anonymous and still be heard.

The best way for neighborhoods to fight back against criminal activity is to speak up. That starts with notifying law enforcement. The next step is ensuring your community and neighbors know what's happening so they can be more aware and take necessary steps to protect themselves and their property. This isn't about being a vigilante it's about community awareness. Crime and criminal don't go away when we ignore it.

Stand up for your neighborhood and community. Make sure others know whats happening. Let us be your voice and tell your story.