Stolen Explorer from Sioux City found in South Sioux City

By Randy Schoener on

Police recovered a white 2001 Ford Explorer that was stolen from the area of 19th and Jones Streets in Sioux City on Thursday morning in South Sioux City Sunday afternoon.

According to the person that reported it to us, it was pulled over after the police received a call. Not sure what the call was for since the vehicle had different plates (stolen) and had been spray painted black. you can see all the paint dripping and how they sprayed the taillights and windows

It also looks it was also in an accident after it was spray painted. The interior had been vandalized with West Side graffiti all over, and a drug pipe was found inside it.

We were also told several people were arrested when the vehicle was recovered, but no information was provided on who they were or where in South Sioux City it was found.

Scanner archives indicated it might have been stopped in the area of 5th Avenue about 3:45- 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon and the stolen plates might h have been registered to somebody on the 1000 block of Jones Street in Sioux City.