Car Burglar Arrested after trying steal a car at Floyd Walmart

By Randy Schoener on

From the victim

I was walking from the store, and I saw my dome light on and a silhouette of a person IN MY CAR! I walked up to my car casually, so I didn't startle the person. Stuck my key in, unlocked the door and opened it up. Sure enough, there was a heavy set guy sitting in the driver seat rummaging through my car.

I asked, 'What the f*** are you doing in my car?' He answers 'This is my car?' I say 'Really so how do I have the key to it?' He replies 'I don't know.' Luckily the person parked next to me was leaving and called 911.

Meanwhile, this fool is STILL IN MY CAR and tries wedging something into the ignition one last time. He hears the lady talking to 911 dispatch on the cars radio and he took off. The cops arrived right as he went out of sight. I gave a description and told them where he went. Then I noticed a figure heading into the woods. He was caught 10 minutes later hiding in a truck behind Trinity Heights.

My interior is trashed. My ignition is FU#/!D. Charges have been filed. Just thought I'd share. The first cop that responded even gave me a ride home since I can't start my car. Big thanks to the witness who called it in, the police department for their fast response and apprehension. This happened in the Walmart parking lot, and Walmart also has it on video.

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