Credit Card Skimmer discovered at Sioux City Business

By Updated on Thursday, February 25 2016 08:44pm

According to a release by the Sioux City Police Department a credit card skimming device was located on a gas pump at Cubby’s at 4200 S York St in Sioux City on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 at about 2:00pm.

According to the report, the skimming device has been removed and other pumps at Cubby’s have been inspected and are free of any skimming devices. All citizens who use pay at the pump option at any fueling station are encouraged to watch their bank statements and contact their bank with any questionable charges.

More about credit card skimmers
Credit card skimmers can be added to almost any device where you swipe a credit or debit card. This is especially true for devices when a customer swipes their own card at a gas pump, atm or other self-checkout methods.

See the below video for more in depth information about Credit Card Skimming devices and detection.