Conceal Carry - Don't let being a victim become a crime

By Updated on Saturday, December 31 2016 12:00am

Siouxland Scanner

Tim, Rev-Tac firearms Instructor, demonstrates his favorite conceal carry method and location during the Conceal Carry class at the Stoney Creek Inn on Saturday.

We took the class and you should too. Even if you have no plans to own or use a gun. It's an educational class full of information, and the guys at Rev-Tac do a great job of keeping it interactive and upbeat.

Time and time again we see extreme remarks and comments on our posts telling people to get a conceal carry permit and encourage shooting of criminals. Justified or not, should you ever have to make the decision to pull the trigger, your life will forever be changed. Even if your actions are legal, there may be civil implications

Every year applications for conceal carry permits in Iowa continue to rise. The process of getting a conceal carry permit in Iowa has been simple since 2011 when Iowa's Shall Issue law went into effect.

This isn't the first class of its type I've attended. For me, there was no new information. It is, however, a requirement if you want to get or renew your conceal carry permit. Iowa law does allow for qualifying on a range with a certified instructor for renewing your permit.

Some highlights of the class
- Handgun types and basic workings
- Ammunition types
- Holster types
- General law overviews for Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota

Important takeaways from the class
- Choose a firearm that fits your use
- Become and stay familiar with your firearm
- Choose a comfortable carry location and method
- Understand laws concerning carrying and use of your firearm
- Be a representative of responsible gun ownership

Rev-Tac offers a variety of class types including conceal carry. You can contact them at or on Facebook at

On a side note, there happened to be another conceal carry class scheduled in the same location at the same time from another company, Legal Heat, they were pretty upset that their competition was scheduled at the same time and place. They tried to compete seriously on price. I chose to forgo their offer, and I'm glad I did. Rev-Tac is a local company; Legal Heat is based out of Ohio.