Appliance theft on Tompkins Drive in South Sioux City

By Updated on Monday, March 14 2016 11:33pm

At approximately 9:00 am on Monday morning South Sioux City Police and Dakota County Sheriff’s Department responded to a theft of Appliances and property damage at 508 Tompkins Drive in South Sioux City.

The caller reported they were putting appliances in a house and when they came out and found people in a white Dodge Dakota were in the process of stealing the appliances. The caller also reported the accused thieves pushed the appliances out of their truck damaging a mailbox.

The caller followed the truck for awhile and was able to get a license plate believed to be Iowa EEK584 which is a White 1999 Dodge Dakota pickup truck. The caller decided because of the fog and the time of day to not continue following the truck.

Law Enforcement quickly canvassed  the area and found a pickup but it was unclear from scanner traffic if they were able to locate the truck in question or any suspects. They also mentioned the appliances were completely destroyed from being pushed from the truck.