Police Logs

Truck ends up between home and retaining wall

By matt@siouxlandscanner.com Updated on Wednesday, December 28 2016 08:57pm

Police responded to the 1700 Block of West 3rd about twenty minutes to five on Wednesday evening after a truck rolled and ended up between a home and a retaining wall.

The driver of the truck says she recently had the brakes repaired but they failed and the truck rolled back and next thing she knew she was pointed up in the air. No injuries were reported and there was not major damage to property. Crews had to wait for Mid-American Energy to shut the gas off before removing the truck as it was right next to a gas meter. Stockton towing raised the truck's rear end and pulled it out. The amount of damage to the truck is not known.

IncidentDate  TimeActivityLocation
16-44427   12/28 16:39   TRAFFIC ACCIDENT    1600 Block of W 3RD ST