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Trailer fire South of Sioux City Iowa was Josh Owens from Discovery Channels Moonshiners

By matt@siouxlandscanner.com Updated on Sunday, August 13 2017 01:13pm

Josh Owens Facebook
Josh Owens Facebook

About 6:15 pm on Saturday, August 12 Iowa State Patrol Trooper Willis came upon a vehicle fire and notified dispatch. Sloan and Salix Fire Rescue were paged to the scene for the trailer and grass fire. Woodbury County Sheriff's Office also responded to the scene.

In a live video posted to Josh Owens Facebook page shortly after the fire broke out near Sloan Iowa on Interstate 29 Southbound at Mile Marker 130, you can hear the panic in his voice as he screams for help as he tries to save his truck. Iowa state patrol ordered him to back away from the truck as he tried to get it disconnected.

The trailer was a complete loss. In the video, he says it contained two Kymco side-by-side’s, tools, racing gear, merchandise, and all his sh**. The truck which he couldn’t get disconnected also sustained heat damage to the tail lights, tailgate, and fenders, a race motorcycle in the back of the truck also received some damage from the heat of the fire in the connected trailer.

At the end of the video, Iowa State Patrol can be seen and heard trying to calm Owens down as he is screaming for help. “It's my pride and joy!”, Owens says. The trooper explains that there is nothing he can do. He asks him to sit down and take a drink, “Don’t go anywhere near it, you can’t save it.“ Trooper Wills says trying to keep Owens back, worried that a shock absorber may explode. “I know this sucks but if one of these shock absorbers blows up you’re gonna die.“ The trooper offers him a Dr. Pepper and makes sure he’s not injured. “Heres a drink, I promise I didn’t spit in it.” Trooper Wills gives a Dr. Pepper to him worried he may have inhaled smoke as his face is bright red.

In another video, Owens shows heat damage to the rear of the truck and motorcycle. Owens said, “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade right?”

No injuries were reported in the fire, Interstate 29 was shut down while crews put out the fire and cleared the wreckage. Just as the scene was cleared a 2 vehicle crash happened at Mile Marker 134 just North of the fire which again shut down part of the Interstate.

IncidentDate  TimeActivityLocation
172240420   08/12 18:16   FIRE    1 I29 S WOODBURY COUNTY