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About Siouxland Scanner

By Siouxland Scanner Updated on Friday, January 01 2016 12:00pm

Siouxland Scanner is an independent publicy safety news provider in Siouxland. Delivering Local News In Your Feed. With a focus of community awareness. We believe that informed neighborhoods who work together are safer neighborhoods.

What started as a hobby of listening to the scanner and sharing information via Social Media has grown. We still share that information via Social Media and when appropriate we talk to Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders on the scene, we talk to witnesses, we request court documents and write articles to provide as much information as we can to our followers. When possible we bring you video and photos, sometimes live from the scenes of accidents, fires, and law enforcement activity.

It's no secret we support law enforcement and emergency responders, and we want better neighborhoods. We don't, however, write with an agenda, we don't share our opinion, and we don't take sides. We provide the facts and details as they are provided to us so you can make decisions for you, your family and friends.

We are a community news project, driven by community members who reach out to us with information about thefts, burglaries, accidents, fires and other crimes in their neighborhoods. We're only successful because of our community. If it's public safety related, we'll write about it. Petty Crime to Felony Crime, you can count on Siouxland Scanner to research your tips and write your story when possible and appropriate.