About Siouxland Scanner

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, April 09 2020 02:20pm

The purpose is to provide information about the daily public safety happenings in the Siouxland Area. What started as a hobby of listening to the scanner turned into relaying that information to the community via Social Media.

Though we're aware that listening and interpreting what's heard on the scanner comes with many challenges, we believe it's important for the community to be aware of what's happening in their neighborhoods.

What was once a Facebook Group called Sioux City Community Watch has grown to community-driven media. We still relay scanner information and we still share community photos and stories. We also try to bring you live video and updates from the scene of fires, accidents, and other public safty events when possible.

Siouxland Scanner is successful because of people who speak up. While we are avid scanner listeners we can't always be listening and we don't know about every event taking place, so we appreciate the tips and leads we get from our followers.