How to Support Siouxland Scanner

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, May 04 2020 12:31pm

You can help support my efforts to bring Local Metro Siouxland Public Safety related news to you. There are many costs associated with providing the service and while for years I have funded the venture myself it's now become almost impossible to do so alone. Most news sources are backed by corporations. I rely solely on Facebook and Google Ad revenue as well as subscription models from Facebook and Patreon.

Facebook Subscriptions allow you to become a supporter on Facebook. For $5.00 a month you help me defray the costs. You'll receive a special badge from Facebook on the Siouxland Scanner Page identifying you as a supporter. If you choose you can disable this badge and be anonymous. In addition, I provide you a web link with access to all the Live Scanner audio that I hear that is non-encrypted.

Patreon Subscriptions allow you to become a supporter via the Patreon platform. Options start at $3.00 a month. Also available are $6 and $10.00 The $6.00 level gets you the same Weblink as the Facebook Subscription for live scanner audio and the $10.00 option gets you live scanner audio access via Zello or the Web.

Your support ensures I can pay for things like hosting, cell phone data, fuel, equipment, and other costs associated. It's my hope to continue to grow Siouxland Scanner and have paid staff that help with gathering information and writing articles. I currently have one person that gives their time to help me on a limited basis. Also, there are numerous people who send me tips, pictures, and information about happenings in Siouxland.

A couple of other ways you can help monetarily is by purchasing a shirt, I use a local vendor so the money not only helps me but another Siouxland Business. You can send a cash donation using the Cash App to Siouxland Scanner or you can purchase something from my Amazon wish list. During checkout, it will give you the option to ship it to Siouxland Scanner.

I know that money can be tight, it's especially tight for me right now. If you can't help monetarily you can also help by simply liking, commenting on, and sharing content I post via different media. You can leave a Facebook or Google Review of Siouxland Scanner and you can follow me on all the social media platforms I provide content on. YouTube (siouxlandscannercom), Twitter (suxscanner), Instagram (siouxlandscanner), Facebook (siouxlandscanner), and Snpachat (suxscanner).