Members only access on Siouxland Scanner

What do you get if you are a member of Siouxland Scanner? In addition to supporting Siouxland Scanner financially ensuring we can continue to provide local public safety news, If you are a Facebook Subscriber or a Patreon Member of $4.99 a month or more you get the following exclusive acess to features of Siouxland Scanner.

Support of Local independent news.
Ad Free Browsing - No Google Ads
Live Scanner Audio - Access to live Siouxland area scanner audio.
Arrest Details & Photos - More detail on arrests.
Warrant Details & Photos - More detail on warrants.
Log Archives - Older activity logs.
Warrant Archives - Older warrants.
Arrest Archives - Older arrests.
Crime Maps - Map showing crime data.
Live Camera Feeds - Live camera video feeds.
Camera Image Archives - Last 3 day of static camera images.
Private Community - Facebook Subscriber group
Acitivity Logs Calls Near Me Notification (requires your location)- Notifications of crime logs near specified address.

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