Overnight pursuit of intoxicated driver

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, May 17 2016 01:26pm

An overnight pursuit of a 2003 Honda Accord started as an attempted traffic stop by Sioux City Police near 28th Street and Evergreen Village about 1:30AM.

The pursuit went South on Highway 75 reaching speeds of 75mph and into Morningside near Transit Ave. It ended near the 2800 Block of Leach Ave with foot pursuits of multiple individuals who took off from the vehicle once it was disabled. It was unclear how many people were in the vehicle or how many were caught. Reports indicated at least 1 Juvenile was taken to JD and 1 other besides the driver transported to Woodbury County Jail.

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Police arrested 25-year-old Kenzie Cline, the driver who is currently being held in the Woodbury County Jail on $6900 Bond. Her charges include eluding, OWI, reckless driving, interfering with official acts and, driving left of center.

There were reports of a couple accidents during the pursuit possibly damaging police or citizen property.