Morningside power outage caused by attempted hit and run

From a reader of our page 

This afternoon a blue nova muscle car spun out of control heading south on the 1100 block of s. Fairmount St Sioux City. About half way up the hill he spun out of control enough to do a 180 in the middle of the street on 2 wheels, hitting the main light pole hard enough to split the pole near the bottom. (This is the transformer light pole, which is the 1100 blocks main pole that distributes energy to the entire block)

After he hit the pole and his car shut off, he got his car started back up and began driving away back down the hill heading north at this point. He pulled his car into his driveway a half a block away on the 1000 block of s Fairmount st, tried to hide his car. Then headed north again in the passenger seat of a grey Chevy Silverado. Police waited for the truck to return home and I believe the offender has been taken into custody.
However because of how much damage was done to the light pole, it caused something to blow up in the transformer box, causing the whole 1100 block of S Fairmount to be without power. The 1000 and 1200 blocks have porch lights on so i do believe no other blocks were effected. MidAmerican crew has been out and started with pulling down stuff on the wires, and the crew will be back out shortly to pull down the whole pole, dig a new home to put up a new light pole. MidAmerican estimates another 5 hrs before electricity is returned to the street.