Two arrested after multiple burglaries and thefts

Law Enforcement have arrested two men after burglaries on the 1200 Block of South Alice, 4300 Block of Segar Ave and the 2700 Block of South Patterson.

Court Documents show Derek Weidemann, 34 and Robert Johnson, 23 are facing multiple charges after burglaries and thefts that took place on Monday, October 24th and Tuesday, October 25th.

A residence on the 1200 Block of South Alice was broken into on October 24th document say Johnson and Weidemann entered through a window and once inside stole numerous items totaling approximately $1500 including a 9mm handgun and ammunition.

Additionally, on October 24, Weidemann is charged with entering a home through a sliding glass door, once inside he was confronted by the homeowner and he fled. Then again on October 25th, Weidemann is charged with entering a storage shed on the 2700 Block of South Patterson and stealing a pair of boots and a hatchet. 

Robert Johnson, 23 is facing charges of Burglary 2nd, Theft 2nd, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Derek Weidemann, 34 is facing charges of 2 counts Burglary 2nd, Burglary 3rd, Theft 2nd and 2 counts of Theft 5th.