Police apply tourniquet to man injured in unknown explosion in Morningside

Just after 7:00 p.m. Sioux City Police, Fire, and EMS responded to the 2500 Block of South Lakeport for reports of an explosion with a serious injury.

When Police arrived they found a man with an injury to his hand and applied a tourniquet, once EMS arrived he was transported to the hospital. Sergeant Jay Hoogendyk says the initial call was for reports of a gunshot or firework injury but they do not believe fireworks were being set off or the injury was firework related. He says they believe some type of powder near a fire pit exploded causing serious injury to the male. A female child on scene also had a believed minor medical issue that she was transported to the hospital for.

In addition to Sioux City Police and Fire on the scene, ATF and State Fire Marshal were called to help investigate what exploded and caused the injury.