Sioux City Police confirm shooting victim says he was shot at Firehouse bar

Just after 11:00 pm on Thursday, November 16th Sioux City Police responded to a gun call and reports of shots being fired at Firehouse Bar in Sioux City.

Police have confirmed they have a victim of a gunshot that says they were shot at Firehouse Bar, but the investigation into the shooting and where it happened at.

Witnesses tell me that there was a disturbance at the bar between two college aged males and that two shots were fired. One into the ground and one into the air. They saw police arrive but no ambulance. Once police left the bar scene returned to normal. Comments online say there were no gunshots, that glasses got broken during the disturbance.

A person who knows the victim tells me that the victim was shot in the thigh, they received medical attention and were released from the hospital.