Standoff over no-contact order violation ends without injury

Just before 2:00 pm Sioux City Police and Woodbury County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 2600 Block of George Street in Sioux City for reports of a no-contact order violation.

Sergeant Jeremy McClure says that they were called the residence for violation of a no-contact order at 2612 George Street. He says after Michael Counterman, 32 made entry to the home, his mother left and contacted police. Police arrived and surrounded the home, they attempted to make contact with him, he then started a small fire before putting it out. He made threats to hurt himself and start a fire. A 40mm less lethal round was deployed causing him to further retreat and ultimately with the use of police K9, he surrendered.

Counterman was transported to Mercy Medical Center for evaluation, charges for violation of the no-contact order and an earlier incident of aggravated domestic assault are expected.