Man in custody after Saturday morning standoff on Sioux Citys Westside

Police say 58-year-old Robby Rusk of Sioux City is in custody at a local hospital undergoing treatment after a 3-hour standoff Saturday morning on the 1900 Block of Helmer on Sioux City's Westside. Police responded to the address just after 11:00 am March 17th for a welfare check. Shortly after they arrived they heard a gunshot from inside the home.

Police, fire, and EMS established a perimeter, notified area residents to stay inside and began communications with the man. Over the course of the first couple hours, more than 12 shots were heard from inside the home, there were no injuries reported as a result of the shots.

It was after the man stopped communicating with police they decided to enter the home. The SWAT team used a robot to enter the home and deployed a diversionary device before the team entered. Upon entry, they found Rusk unresponsive but alive and breathing. He was transported to a local hospital where he remains.