ATM Card skimmers found in Sioux City

According to Sgt. Chris Groves Sioux City Police have investigated 2 separate incidents on May 14th and May 21st related to Card Skimming devices located on ATM's at Pinnacle Bank on Morningside Ave and Iowa-Nebraska State Bank on Hamilton Blvd. One device was discovered by a customer and the other by the bank after multiple complaints of debit card fraud from customers.

If you notice suspicious activity at a gas pump or ATM you should contact police, bank or pump personal immediately. Don't do anything that would compromise your own safety. Don't wait to contact police or be afraid of being wrong. If you're able to write down a license plate number or take photos or video of the suspicious activity you're encouraged to do so as long as you can do so safely.

The best advice Police have about protecting yourself from Debit and Credit Card skimmers would be to use cash. If you're using a debit or credit card at an ATM you should check that nothing looks odd about the device. Give a tug on the part of the ATM where you slide your card and also look for any out of place objects that may contain a hidden camera. When using your debit or credit card at a gas pump. Try to use pumps that are most visible and also look for an integrity seal. Most importantly watch your bank statements closely and report any unauthorized use.

You are asked to not remove, tamper with or touch suspicious devices you may locate once you realize something isn't right. The Sioux City Police is now working with the FBI on these incidents.

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