One injured after brazen theft from Tool Depot in Sioux City Thursday

About 4:30 pm Sioux City Police and EMS responded to Tool Depot Located at 1510 Dace Avenue after a man was seriously injured trying to stop a male suspect that walked out of the store without paying for merchandise.

Police confirmed they are working to identify the man who entered the store, took merchandise without paying and that a man was injured by the vehicle the suspect was driving when he attempted to stop him.

A witness tells me the man walked in spoke with employees, picked up merchandise and walked out without paying. An employee was injured when the suspect hit one of the employees attempting to stop him from leaving with the merchandise.

The suspect is described as a white male in his 40s or 50s driving a red Chevrolet SUV. If you have any information about the crime or suspect you are asked to contact Sioux City Police.