Fatal Entrapment at CF Industries construction site

Woodbury County Sherrif's Department has confirmed a fatality as a result of the entrapment.

According to a release by the Woodbury County Sherrif's office 2 men were working in a tower tank when one man went unconscious. The other man was able to escape and was transported to Mercy Medical Center for treatment, his condition is not available. The condition of the other man is also not available.

Salix Fire, Sgt Bluff Rescue, Sioux City 185th Fire, Sgt Bluff Police Department and Woodbury County Sherrif Dispatched to CF Industries North construction site for entrapment. Scanner traffic indicated a man was trapped in an empty vessel about 15 feet down. A second man was also in the vessel but was able to get out but does not recall what happened.

It was reported that argon gas was being used and that safety harnesses were not being used at the time of the incident.