CableOne Phishing Scam

By [email protected] Updated on Wednesday, June 22 2016 03:21pm

The following email is being received by CableOne Customers

June 22, 2016
Dear Cable ONE Customer:
Please disregard any email you receive that contains the following message, as it is a phishing scam. This email is falsely indicates that it is coming from Cable ONE. Please do not respond or enter any private email information such as your password.

Phishing Scam Message:

"It appears that your payment that we have on file for you was recently declined when we attempted to pay the due invoice(s) on your account for the month of June, this is either the card balane is low or incorrect card details on file.
To avoid any interruptions in your service you will need to update your automated payment information online and your card balance.
To update the payment information on your account:
    1. In your browser go to My Account.
    2. Enter your main username and password and click the Sign In button.
    4. Update Payment Method.
    5. Update your Credit Card or eCheck on file and click the Save Settings button.
Alternatively you can go directly to the link below:
If you have any questions please contact our Billing Department or by sending an email to [email protected]"

Your security is important to us, so we wanted to send you a reminder that Cable ONE would never email or call our customers requesting personal information such as your social security number or email password.
Unfortunately, phishing scams happen every day and it is our goal to educate our customers so that your personal information is never compromised.
Cable ONE is currently investigating this issue and we have blocked this website and this email sender from our network.
For more information about phishing, please visit the Cable ONE Support Site.

Sincerely, Cable ONE Customer Support