What scanner should I buy to listen to police fire and ems in the Sioux City area

By [email protected] Updated on Saturday, May 23 2020 06:26pm

Most law enforcement in the immediate Sioux City Metro area has encrypted their radio traffic. Encrypted radio traffic is not able to be listened to by any scanner, only a police radio programmed with the proper encryption key can listen to it. This includes Sioux City Police, South Sioux City Police, Sergeant Bluff Police, Woodbury County Sheriff, and Dakota County Sheriff.

There are still many agencies in Metro Siouxland that you can listen to. Many of the agencies in Iowa now use the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communication System (ISICS) radio system. You can still hear traffic from Sioux City Fire and EMS, South Sioux City Fire and EMS, North Sioux City Fire and EMS, Woodbury, Dakota, Union, Plymouth County Fire, and EMS. Iowa State Patrol, Plymouth County Sherrif, Monona County Sheriff, North Sioux City Police, Union County Sheriff, Nebraska State Patrol South Dakota State Patrol, Mery Air Care, and Wings Air Rescue.

Because many agencies are moving to or already have moved to P25 Phase II I recommend the following Scanners, affiliate links to scanners you can purchase directly from Amazon.


Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2
Whistler TRX-2
Whistler WS1098
Uniden Bearcat SDS200
Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP
Uniden HomePatrol-2
Uniden BEARTRACKER 885 Hybrid Scanner/CB Radio

Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2
Whistler TRX-1
Uniden Bearcat SDS100
Uniden Bearcat BCD436HP

The following Scanners are not P25 Phase II capable, only Phase I so it may limit the ability to monitor agencies that require Phase II


Whistler WS1065
Radio Shack Pro-197

Uniden Bearcat BCD396xt

If you don't want to hassle with a scanner you can subscribe and support my page and get access to live scanner audio feed in Metro Siouxland. If you have one of these scanners I may be able to also program it for you for as little as $25 for supporters and $50 for anyone else. Send me an email or the page a message for details.