What Do-It-Yourself cameras or security system should I get for my home

By matt@siouxlandscanner.com Updated on Monday, May 25 2020 12:34pm

I'm often asked what kind of cameras or security systems a person should get for their home. The answer to that question varies heavily on your home type, where you want to put the cameras, how comfortable you are setting up cameras systems, and other variables. Here are some easy to set up and use camera and security options for your home.

The number one cost-effective and easiest camera to use and setup are cameras from Wyze. In addition to free and paid cloud storage options you can put a Micro SD card in them for recording. Wyze also offer Wifi Lights, Plugs, Motion Sensors, and Door Sensors

Wyze Camera
Wyze Point Tilt Zoom Camera
Wyze Plug
Wyze Bulbs

Another camera vendor that makes setup easy and has cloud storage are Camera products from Ring. Ring also has security options. Ring does require a subscription fee to view recordings after the trial period ends. You can get subscriptions for as low as a $100 a year to cover all your cameras. The below affiliate links will take you to the products at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell - Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, Pro, Peephole
Ring Cameras - Stickup Battery, Stickup Elite, Spotlight Battery, Spotlight Wired, Floodlight, Indoor Wired
Ring Alarm System - Gen 1, Gen 2

There are other very simple wireless and battery-operated cameras available. I have little to no experience with them so they aren't my top choices. I've heard good things about cameras from Arlo and Blink. Here are other wireless and battery camera options.

Another option to take, which in addition to Wyze and Ring cameras some people like myself use an NVR/DVR system with network and/or BNC wired cameras to a central Vidoe Recorder. NVR/DVR camera options can be higher quality, more reliable and have more storage without subscription fees, but setup and installation can be more in-depth and require more knowledge.

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