Camper damages over head door at South Sioux City Car Wash

By Randy Schoener Updated on Sunday, July 17 2016 09:47pm

Amanda Beller, The owner of the Lightning Car Wash in South Sioux City, is looking for help finding the person responsible for damaging a door in a bay at their carwash.  Amanda says, the door was struck by a camper being pulled by a white truck at about 9:50 AM Sunday morning.   "One door and track has major damage, the other one they hit the top of the door frame."  she also says the camper may have damage to its roof where it hit the door.

Both the camper and the white truck pulling it have what was believed to be Arizona license plates.

If you have information about where this truck and camper can be found or who might have been driving it, please contact Amanda Beller or the South Sioux City Police Department.