Woman charged with Robbery after assaulting an acquaintance

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, September 06 2016 07:19pm

Bethany Opheim, 24

Police have made an arrest after August 30th Assault on Douglas Street.

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According to court documents Bethany Opheim, 24 entered a residence on the 1600 Block of Douglas St at 9:30PM on Tuesday, August 30th and immediately began to assault a female occupant which she knew would be present. It says that the victim retreated to a bedroom where Opheim chased her and continued to assault her causing injury to her face, head and upper torso. The victim was later transported to the hospital for treatment.

Bethany Opheim, was booked into the Woodbury County Jail on September 2nd on $25,000 Bond. Her next court appearance is scheduled for 9:00AM on September, 13th 2016