Sioux City Police comment on local Clown Sightings

Sioux City Police comment on the current Clown Sightings in Sioux City.

This morning on their Facebook Page Sioux City Police said "We have received a few messages and are aware of the purported "Clown sightings" that have been circulating in the city and throughout the nation. At this time there is NO credible evidence of any clown sightings, criminal activity, or that a threat exists. In fact, several individuals across the country have been arrested and charged with false reporting. With that being said, Halloween is approaching quickly and given that this clown phenomenon has been occurring across the country and causing some communities to become fearful, we are advising at this time that people should consider the consequences of dressing up like a clown and attempting to cause fear in others."

We've received many messages asking about creepy clowns being spotted in Siouxland.

There are many clowns in Siouxland, we've seen them ourselves and some of may even be creepy. At the time of writing this, we are not aware of any criminal activity by clowns in the Sioux City Area.