Tips to prevent Motor Vehicle Theft

Don’t become a victim. Lock your car doors, never leave your keys in the ignition or in your car, even if it’s locked.

Today alone 4 vehicles have been reported stolen. A post from Sioux City Police reminds people to never leave a vehicle running and unattended.

In the last 30 days there have been 28 vehicles reported stolen in Sioux City (from Police Log).

Motor Vehicle Larceny is an ongoing issue in the Siouxland Area. With colder weather upon us we’ll likely see a spike in this type of criminal activity. Most vehicle thefts are crimes of opportunity. Thieves often come upon vehicles that are left running and are unattended so they hop in and take off. This happens mostly at places where the victim only plans to be away from their vehicle for a short time.

A Sioux City Police Department Press Release offers tips to minimize becoming a victim of vehicle theft.
- Never leave your keys in the ignition or inside of an unattended vehicle.
- Never leave you vehicle running unattended, even for a minute.
- Always lock your doors.
- Never hide or leave a second set of keys in your vehicle.
- When parking outside, park in well-lit areas.
- If parking in a garage, make sure you lock your car and the garage.
- When able, park in areas that are attended to frequently.
- Completely close your windows.
- Never leave valuables in sight.
- Never leave your title in your vehicle.
- If available, use a car alarm and/or vehicle immobilizer.
- When leaving vehicles unattended for long periods of time, render it inoperable.
- Engrave and catalog expensive accessories with your information.

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