Sergeant Bluff Officer fires shot during incident at Bridge Mobile Home Park

By [email protected] Updated on Friday, October 21 2016 11:35am

John McPherson 47

Sergeant Bluff Police say a single shot was fired by an officer during an incident at Bridge Mobile Home Park Thursday Morning about 8:00AM

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According to a release, officers were attempting to serve a warrant on a different subject when they found individuals in a vehicle in front of the residence. Officers made contact with the subjects in the vehicle. The person in the driver seat, John Charles McPherson II, 47 made a sudden move towards his waistline, the officer fearing for their and other officers safety fired a single shot.

The shot did not strike McPherson but he did receive minor injuries from breaking glass. McPherson was found to be in possession of a .45 caliber handgun, approximately one ounce of methamphetamine, and other dangerous weapons. He was transported to Mercy Medical Center for treatment and later booked into the Woodbury County Jail.

John Charles McPherson II charges include assault on a peace officer, possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, drug tax stamp violation, possession of a controlled substance methamphetamine, two counts of carrying a concealed or dangerous weapon, and carrying a concealed or dangerous weapon in city limits.

The incident is being investigated by the Iowa DCI, ATF, the Tri-State Drug Task Force and Woodbury County Sheriff's Office.

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Sergeant Bluff Police, Woodbury County Sheriff's Department, and Sergeant Bluff Ambulance responded to Bridge Mobile Home Park about 8:00AM Thursday Morning.

Some reports indicated shots were fired, but we've not been able to confirm. Sergeant Bluff Ambulance responded for reports of an injury.