Sioux City Warming Shelter reopens for winter months

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, November 01 2016 11:14am

At 4:00PM today Tuesday, November 1st the Sioux City Warming Shelter located at 916 Nebraska Street will open it's doors for the winter months.

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The warming shelter will be open through the winter months and depends on help from the community in order to keep the shelter running. With updates, the shelter can now house 116 individuals giving them a warm place to sleep.

You can follow the Warming Shelter on Facebook at

The shelter accepts food donations of ramen cup-o-soup, granola bars, protein bars, snack pack puddings, jello cups, peanuts, crackers, hard candies. (Anything you would pack in lunch).

They also accept donations of top sheets. Queen or King size. New or lightly used (No stains or rips) and hats, gloves, coats and socks.

Monetary Donations are also accepted via PayPal at

All donations are tax deductible.