MURDER in the 1ST charges filed against 2 in Dakota County

By [email protected] Updated on Friday, November 04 2016 07:04pm

Friday afternoon Dakota County Attorney filed 1st Degree Murder charges against two accused of murdering, dismembering and burning 41-year-old Kraig Kubik.

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The complaint says that video surveillance shows two men identified as 18-year-old Brayan Misael Galvan-Hernandez and 25-year-old Andres Martin Surber at Kubik's residence on Tuesday evening and then purchasing accelerant and a portable gas tank. During the course of the investigation Law Enforcement found blood-stained clothes, vehicles, latex gloves, a knife, body parts, blood, burn barrel, portable gas can, and burned flesh.

The search continues for the rest of the remains of Mr Kubkik.

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The investigation continued Thursday outside Emerson and another location North East of Dixon Nebraska. Officials have identified the victim.

Nebraska State Patrol, Dixon County Sheriff, and Dakota County Sheriff are together investigating a criminal homicide that's believed to have taken place some time after 8:30PM Tuesday. They continue to collect evidence and interview witnesses. Law Enforcement searched the two residences and properties, collecting evidence and searching for additional remains using K9's.

A release from Dakota County Attorneys Office says human remains were found at 86975 579th Ave on Wednesday and were positively identify by the medical examiner on Thursday Morning. The remains have been identified as 41-year-old Kraig D. Kubik.

Mr. Kubik was last seen about 8:30PM at his residence on Tuesday Evening, it's believed Kubik was forcibly taken from his residence sometime after that.

Two people have been detained and are currently being held at the Dakota County Jail and a decision on charges will be made by Friday. Their names will not be released until a decision has been made about charges.

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Early Thursday Morning Dakota County Deputies were called to a trailer home just outside of Emerson Nebraska to check the welfare of an individual. Siouxland Scanner was told that a child made statements at school that initiated the welfare check.

According to a release from the Nebraska State Patrol they were called in about 10:30AM to assist in a suspicious death at 2605 Highway 35 near Emerson. The investigation is ongoing by the Nebraska State Patrol, Dakota County Sheriff's Department, Dakota County Attorney, and Dixon County Sheriff's Department.

We were on scene a little before 5:00PM and law enforcement was still on scene and had a large area still sectioned off around a trailer with crime scene tape. Multiple law enforcement vehicles including a Nebraska State Patrol Major Case Unit trailer.

Local news stations reported that a suspect was in custody. More information is suppose to come on Thursday from Dakota County.