Accident at Big Ox Energy Shuts down the plant

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, December 15 2016 10:26am

The following statement was released by Big Ox Energy on Wednesday Evening from

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"Earlier this evening, approximately 90 minutes ago, one of our employees was involved in an industrial accident inside our plant and sustained what we believe at this point are not life threatening injuries. We are told his condition is stable. The accident apparently occurred while the worker was installing a new pipe, and as soon as the incident occurred, our other staff members contacted emergency responders by calling 911 and provided first aid to the employee until they arrived. We applaud our employees and the emergency responders for their prompt response, and the worker has been transferred to a local hospital, where he is receiving care. We put a focus on safety and training for our employees, and we are grateful that the injuries do not appear to be life threatening. At this point, our thoughts and prayers are with our colleague and his family, and we are hopeful that he will have a full recovery.

"We have started an internal review into how the incident happened and will examine what steps we might be able to take to strengthen what we believe is already a rigorous and thorough safety program. Additionally, we will voluntarily report this matter to OSHA and cooperate with them on providing any information they might need as they review the circumstances surrounding the incident. We will provide more information tomorrow once we have gathered additional details and confirmed the facts surrounding this unfortunate accident. Right now, our focus is on the well being of our employee and his family, and we are grateful that it was not a more serious situation."

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First responders responded to Big Ox Energy at 1617 D Ave in South Sioux City, Nebraska just after 7:00PM Wednesday for a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) accident involving an employee.

The employee was treated at the scene and transported to Mercy Medical Center, there were indications there may have been additional less severe exposures. The plant is currently shut down while the incident is being investigated.