Tips from Sioux City Police on preventing burglaries

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, December 29 2016 11:59am

The Sioux City Police Department posted the following tips on their Facebook Page on preventing burglaries.

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In addition to their list, we'd add
- Don't post on social media that you are going to be away or while you're away
- Don't put new items boxes (trash) in plain view from
- Be sure you can't see inside your home through windows
- Join a Neighborhood Network Coalition

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Please see the following information on ways to discourage burglars from choosing your residence. We also offer security assessments/surveys to residences and businesses within city limits.

Bright Ideas:
- Install lights by all exterior doors. Use lights all night.
- Install outside light fixtures where bulbs are hard to reach.
- Illuminate house numbers for quick emergency response.
- Trim shrubs back from doors and windows. Don’t give burglars a place to hide.
Vehicle Smarts:
- Close the garage door and cover windows so no one can see inside.
- Leave only the ignition key with parking lot attendants - if required.
- Hide the garage door opener from open view in your car.
Doors & Windows:
- Change the locks when moving into a new residence.
- Always lock your doors and windows.
- Give your neighbor the spare key - Don’t hide it outside.
- Use solid core or metal exterior doors.
- Install four-screw strike plates with three-inch screws to penetrate the wood door frame.
- Use dead bolt door locks on exterior doors and double cylinder dead bold locks if glass is within 3 feet of the lock.
- Add auxiliary track-type locks, removable drop bars, wooden dowels, or pinning devices to windows and sliding glass doors.
- Install Peepholes on doors with 160 degree views.
- Upgrade locks to defeat bump keying.
- Trim tree branches 6 feet off the ground.
- Prune shrubs to under 2 feet from the ground.
- Use motion sensors and photocells on exterior floodlights.
Personal Information:
- Keep valuables in a safe deposit box or locked safe.
Dealing With Strangers:
- Never let strangers enter your home.
- Verify workers by ID cards and calling their employer.
- Never give keys to workers.
- Never leave notes for anyone on the door.
While on Vacation:
- Hire a house sitter.
- Ask neighbors to help with your trash bins and newspaper.
- Install a UL approved and monitored residential alarm system.
- Park a neighbor’s car in your driveway.
- Use timers on indoor lights to give the impression you are home.
- Deliver merchandise to your neighbor’s house.
- Ask neighbors to watch your house while you are gone.
- Start a BLOCK WATCH group in your neighborhood!