Swap Site exchange gone wrong

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, February 27 2017 04:42pm

According to Detective Sanders with Sioux City Police, this incident was not a robbery and will be sent to the county attorney to decide on charges, if any.

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No gun was brandished during the exchange, the buyer only saw the gun. No threats were made. It was reported to police after the buyer drove across town and realized what was purchased and exchanged was not exactly what they thought it was from the swap site listing.

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About 12:20PM on Saturday, a robbery at gunpoint was reported at 26th and Court Streets in Sioux City after a swap site meeting.

It was reported that during a swap meet up the suspect pulled a small gun, Last seen in a Silver Buick with Maroon writing, possibly a cab. Suspect is described as White Male, Short, Possible Hispanic, had clothing that said Mother of Guadalupe.

Police are checking area security camera footage and working with cab companies on recent fares.