Never miss a visitor see hear and even talk to them

It's been more than 9 weeks since I started using Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Stick Up camera. The doorbell still has a 37% charge and 6 weeks ago when I added a solar panel to the ring stick up camera it had more than 90% charge, the solar panel keeps the Stick Up camera fully charged.

I'm still very impressed with the cameras, they have good quality video, they are reliable with only a few false notifications (on the doorbell camera). I know right away when someone is at my door even if they don't ring the doorbell or in my drive via a notification on my phone. I can see and even talk with them if needed. If I miss them I can always replay the video.

In today's world camera's are everywhere and are a necessity. If you are wanting to keep an eye on your property or just be notified when you have a visitor or package delivery, Ring delivers. We've arranged a $25.00 discount on ring video doorbell and Ring Stick Up camera using coupon code 41suxscanner or you can click this link and the discount is applied automatically.

As I wrote in my initial review below they couldn't have been any easier to install and setup.

I’ve been testing these devices for 2 weeks. I love everything about them. They are easy to install, just as easy to use and very reliable. Take advantage of the $25.00 coupon at the end of the article and enjoy the peace of mind. Ring isn’t just a convenience device, it’s a security device.

Who is that at the door? Did your package come? Was that a car door? Answer all of these questions and have a sense of security with the ring video doorbell and ring stickup camera.

I’m often asked for camera suggestions, every home and setup is different, which makes answering the question hard. I began looking for a product that I could recommend that would work in almost every situation. I reached out to ring to ask them about their video doorbell and stick up camera products.

Ring was kind enough allow me to review their products. They sent me a ring video doorbell and a ring stick up camera for testing. Both provide high definition video and two-way audio. They are very easy to setup and install. Both can be installed with 4 screws and no wires, they even run on battery and with my short usage to date I’d say they can run for 1 to 2 months without charging, depending on their use.

Their advanced motion detection system provides reliable alerts to your phone when motion is detected, in over a week of use I’ve only had 1 false notification. The live view option also allows you to watch live video on demand anytime for peace of mind.

The video doorbell product also allows notification when your doorbell is pressed or when motion is detected. When replacing your existing wired doorbell the device doesn't need to be charged. You can also install it where you don’t have a doorbell and utilize the long lasting battery. The pro version of their ring video doorbell provides all the same features but in a slimmer design and higher definition video, the pro version must be wired as it has no battery.

Their other product the stickup camera also can be used completely wireless or wired if you prefer. It has an optional solar panel to keep the battery topped off. An upgraded version of the stickup camera called the floodlight camera will be coming out in the spring. Like the pro doorbell, the floodlight camera must be wired and is meant to replace existing floodlights. It provides the same features and security with even higher definition video.

All their devices require a good wifi signal at the install location and are operated with a smartphone or tablet. Accessories like the chime which connects into the system and plugs into any outlet in your home allow for notification without your phone. The chime plus wifi extender gives you the chime notification and extends your wifi signal so the ring products can be installed in locations that don’t have such a good wifi signal.

All recorded video is stored in the cloud for easy retrieval anytime. You get 30 days free for each device you purchase and after that, it’s only $3.00/month or $30.00/year per device to store video events for 6 months. If you don’t purchase the video storage you can only view events live as they happen.

Ring has provided me a promotion code for Siouxland Scanner Followers. This promotion code gives you $25.00 off Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Ring Stickup Cam. The coupon code is "41suxscanner" or you can get it automatically by clicking here.

Not convinced? Check out the videos on their YouTube Page.

A few disclaimers. This is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t recommend a product like this unless I believed it was worth purchasing. Next is the devices use wifi, so you’ll need to be sure you have a good wifi signal where you’re installing it, this can be easily accomplished by moving your router or adding a wifi extender. On that same topic, it requires a working internet connection. Lastly, the device is greatly degraded as a security device if you don’t pay the $3.00 a month per device because you have no way to save, share or see past events.

There is no perfect solution. But this is a great option for those that want something easy and reliable to be notified of motion and or doorbell events.


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