Drugs and Cash found after Union County Pursuit

By [email protected] Updated on Tuesday, February 28 2017 11:18pm

Alan Calderon Jr, 22 - Photo ALAN CALDERON REYES, 22 Woodbury County Arrest January 2017

A press release from Union County Sheriff says 22-year-old Alan Calderon Jr. was arrested on numerous charges related to the pursuit and evidence including drugs and cash collected from the car he was driving.

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Charges include Aggravated eluding, Driving on Revoked License, Stop Sign Violation, Reckless Driving, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, with other charges pending. he's being held on $7,000 Bond.

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About 12:45PM on Monday Union County Requested assistance from North Sioux Police on a pursuit coming south on Interstate 29.

North Sioux Police setup at locations on the North Side of the City to intercept. The driver ended up on Lakeshore where they went off-road driving through yards and fields before ditching the vehicle and taking off on foot.

Law Enforcement was able to apprehend a male driver between McCook Mobile Estates and Bruneau Dr along the dike at the lake.

We have not received confirmation from Law Enforcement on the name, charges, or information related to this incident.