Additional Robbery Details Advance Auto Parts

We’re learning new details about the Robbery of Advance Auto on Gordon Drive in Sioux City. Details that someone who knows the suspect may recognize. Remember you can report anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers at 712-258-TIPS (8477) and remain anonymous.

We’re told the suspect was calm and “very nice”. He had really green eyes and was likely in his late 20’s. It’s believed his hair may be brown judging from his eyebrows. He also carried a Black and Gray Ogio Backpack. He repeatedly used the word “bud” when talking to the employees.

The release from Sioux City Police described him as a white male in his 20’s, approximately 6’00 tall and weighing 180lbs, wearing a black face mask, black hoodie, black leather jacket, and blue jeans.

Except that he was robbing the place he is described as nice, even though he took the cell phones from the employees so they couldn’t call 911, when they asked him to leave them on out front he said they would be left outside. Additionally, the employees begged him not to hurt them as he led them to the back room, he explained he was only taking them back there so they couldn’t see which way he ran.

We’ve also learned that 5 days earlier someone came into the store through the loading/shipping door went into the office and took cash before leaving the same way he came in. He was spotted by a delivery person but they didn’t realize he wasn’t allowed to be in there. It’s not known if the same person committed both crimes but the first request on Sunday Night from the suspect was to be taken to the office.

One more detail is the suspect made a comment about firing people. It’s not known if he is an ex-employee of that store or another, if he knows someone that was fired, or it was a tactic meant to throw off the investigation.

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