Northside Burglaries and Attempted Burglaries Wednesday

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, March 23 2017 08:21am

I was notified of a possible attempted burglary near 32nd and Jackson on Wednesday. It hadn’t been reported because they weren’t sure what had happened. A witness had heard dogs barking and saw someone running away with possibly a brick.

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I encouraged them to make a report because there has been similar activity in the area recently. It’s important that you always report crimes and attempted crimes. You’re not wasting law enforcement’s time. If your call isn’t priority it will be taken care of as resources allow. This data is very valuable to law enforcement.

If you don’t already you should get a camera(s). Camera’s don’t always prevent crime but they can help with solving them. Check out my post about ring and their camera products. They are easy to setup and use.