Two Juveniles apprehended after pursuit with Sioux City and South Sioux City

By [email protected] Updated on Monday, April 03 2017 11:24am

Two juveniles are in custody after Sioux City Police noticed a red stolen 1998 Honda CRV on Larson Park Road about 12:20 a.m. Monday Morning.

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The driver did not stop when the officer attempted a traffic stop. Instead, speeding off into Nebraska where South Sioux City Police were ready. The driver continued to elude Police through the Eastern edge of South Sioux City on G Street reaching speeds of 65MPH, ignoring stop signs. Officers were able to successfully deploy stop sticks disabling the passenger tires.

The vehicle stopped at 34th and Dakota and the occupants took off on foot leading officers on a foot pursuit through neighborhoods on the East side of Dakota Avenue. South Sioux City Police tell us they were captured a few blocks later and transported to the Law Enforcement Center. They say they try to avoid pursuits as a caution to public safety. When conditions, like last night, allow they will pursue.

They called it a successful pursuit as nobody was injured, officers worked together to setup a perimeter, and the suspects, 2 Juvenile males were taken into custody. Depending on charges and parental notification would determine if they would be released or transferred to Juvenile Detention in Sioux City, Iowa.