Get photos of your postal mail in your email daily

By [email protected] Updated on Saturday, April 15 2017 12:17pm

Do you worry your mail is getting lost or stolen? Do you want to know when an important piece of mail is coming to your address? The United States Postal service is now delivering images of your letter sized mail that will be coming in your mailbox today each morning by email.

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You won’t be able to see what’s inside the letter, but you’ll know what’s coming and who it’s from so you can act accordingly. The postal service takes images of every piece of mail that goes through their sorting centers, this is how they decode addresses and do the sorting and routing of mail. They are now using those images to notify customers of letters on their way to be delivered.

This service is called Informed Delivery and you can signup for it right now at The service does not include emailed images of magazines, packages or non-letter-sized mail. They do however offer services that allow you to track incoming packages to your address at

You can find out more about this service at

If you worry about package theft you can also signup for similar services from FedEx and UPS and you can use a product like the Ring Video Doorbell to know when someone and even talk to them from your smartphone. So if someone is at your door, delivering your mail, your pizza, or for any other reason, you’ll know instantly.