Safe Exchange Zone setup for safer swapping in Sioux City plus tips for a safer transaction

You can buy or sell just about anything online. If there is something you need there is a good chance there is someone that is selling it. Something you don’t want? Someone else probably does.

Sites like Facebook and Craigslist make it extremely easy to buy and sell. But unlike traditional brick and mortar or online stores, you have to be vigilant when buying and selling online. Scams and scammers often use these sites to deceive and rob others. This is true for items being bought and sold.

A new option is available in Sioux City to encourage safer “swapping”. Sergeant Terry Ivener of the Sioux City Police Department has been working for months to establish a “safe exchange zone” for citizens to make swapping safer.

The safe exchange zone is setup at 6th and Douglas in the Sioux City Wilbur Aalfs Public Library Parking Lot it has been equipped with dedicated parking spots and 24-hour video surveillance. It’s located in a central part of the city and ready to for your next swap transaction. In addition to merchandise swapping the site can be used by parents for child custody swaps.

There is more to safe swapping than a safe spot to meet. Here are some tips to help you have a safer swap. The best advice is to trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, abort! There will always be another opportunity.

  • Meet in a busy public place.
  • Meet during daylight hours.
  • Never meet a stranger at yours or their home.
  • Take an adult friend with you.
  • Tell someone else where you’re going.
  • Avoid taking children with you.
  • Save, screenshot or print the ad/post in case you need it later.
  • Ask specific questions about the item, don’t assume.
  • Never wire money.
  • Never take checks.
  • Know how to spot fake money.
  • Never deal in items that must be shipped.
  • Do not provide more personal information than necessary.
  • If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  • Take your cell phone, don’t be afraid to take photos.
  • Don’t take other expensive items or extra cash with you.
  • Check the functionality of the item before leaving.