Safe Exchange Zone setup at South Sioux City Police Department

By [email protected] Updated on Friday, June 16 2017 10:37am

Two well light, designated parking spots, and 24-hour video surveillance have been set up at the South Sioux City Police Department at 701 West 29th St, South Sioux City, NE as a Safe Exchange Zone.

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A post on their Facebook Page on June 13th announcing the spot and a video posted on the 15th gives more detail. The Safe Exchange Zone was created to allow the public a safe place to complete online local transactions from Facebook and Craiglist swaps, exchanges and sales. In addition, the spot can be used for child custody exchanges. They encourage the use of the spot for legal local exchanges in order to help prevent crime or other issues that may arise during an exchange.

While the spot is not monitored 24-7 by police you can always call 911 if an emergency arises or 402-494-7555 for non-emergencies. They remind you to document with screenshots and/or printouts of online sales and communications, never go to an exchange alone, do not to provide personal details or financial information and remember any exchange that seems too good too to be true, probably is.