An easy crime to prevent is often overlooked or forgotten

By [email protected] Updated on Wednesday, June 28 2017 10:47am

An easily preventable crime in Siouxland keeps happening and here's what you can do to prevent it.

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Did you know that a lot of neighborhood crimes in Siouxland are crimes of opportunity? People leaving cars running and unattended, people forgetting to lock their car, house, shed doors? Maybe you're already vigilant about this. Another common instance is people leaving their garage doors open and/or unlocked. Sometimes this is for ventilation and sometimes they just forget.

Day or night, if you are away from your garage the door should be closed and secured. That 5 minutes you leave it unsecured gives criminals the opportunity to sneak in and gain access to your home or walk off with that expensive item. Worse yet is during your 5 minutes away from the garage something else comes up and that door is left open for hours or maybe even overnight.

Criminals will almost always take the path of least resistance, don't become a victim. Secure your valuables, always.

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I reviewed products from Ring and was impressed with their simple setup, ease of use and reliability to get notifications on your phone whenever there is activity. You can get the original Ring Video Doorbell or the Ring Stickup Cam for only $154 with the coupon code.