Will a vote to ban fireworks in Sioux City be on the November Ballot

At the Monday, July 10th council meeting the council said it will look into putting the choice to ban fireworks up to Sioux City voters in November.

This after a suggestion by an attendee. Many people showed up to the council meeting to voice their concerns and opinions with fireworks in Sioux City.

The majority of those that spoke were either for a ban or for shortening the timeframe they are able to be shot off. One said for those wanting them banned allowing them for 1 or 2 days is better than 6 or 10 and those that don’t want them banned 2 days is better than none. Concerns were about the noise, pets, litter, not following of timeframes and respect for their neighbors. Two voiced their concerns saying they didn’t think they wanted to stay in Sioux City if they had to deal with it again. Others voiced their concerns about those with medical issues and those that don’t understand what is happening and those who have served.

Those in favor of fewer restrictions said that “It’s ridiculous to restrict freedom instead of celebrating it.” “The curfew is ridiculous, only 45 minutes to show them off.” Referring to the 10:00 p.m. cutoff when it doesn’t get dark until after 9:00. Another said that “We’ve been Celebrating with fireworks as a county for quite some time, it’s part of the celebration.”

Council member Rhonda Capron said “I don’t feel like we need a ban, I think we need to shorten it up.” No vote was taken by the council, it will be looked at to be put on the ballot in November, if not banned the council may still limit or change the days and times they can be used.

A playback of the council meeting can be found at the following link the fireworks discussion starts at 33:30 https://youtu.be/bRdWR5PEItA?t=2007