Woodbury County Sheriff warns they wont call you to collect money and threaten arrest

By [email protected] Updated on Thursday, August 10 2017 05:09pm

In a statement on Thursday, August, 10th Woodbury County Sheriff's Office wants to remind citizens they will not call you demanding money or bail to be paid by phone.

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The release says that recently a Woodbury County Resident was a victim to a similar scam and lost a large sum of money. They also say they are unaware of any law enforcement agency that operates this way.

The scam comes in many forms and has for years, the scammers objective is to get the person to pay them money immediately by intimidation and scare tactics by phone in one method or another to avoid arrest or clear up a matter. These scammers do their homework, they know who they are calling and they know names of family members, they may even know about recent incidents that you or a family member have gone through. The bottom line is, don't pay them. Hang up and don't return their calls.

Anytime anyone calls you and asks you to pay money do not pay it. Hang up and use a source like directory assistance, a recent bill, the company's website to find their phone number and call them back (do not call back using caller id or a number they gave you).